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Education in the Department of Management

  • Corporations and companies are one of the most important institutions and influences in modern-day society. Due to the wide variety of existing corporations, we have access to things to eat, wear, and have options in places to live, types of transportation, and many other goods and services. Corporations also provide society members a place to work and earn income in order to purchase necessary goods. In short, corporate activity and development play a indispensable role in the stability and wellness of our daily lives.
  • Studying Management
    The study of management analyzes corporate activities with a scientific approach to explore methods that could bring about more stability and growth. Corporate activities span an extraordinary range, covering everything from developing technology and creating products to expanding to overseas market and contributing to society through volunteer activities.
  • The Appeal and Advantages of Studying Management
    A corporation is formed by a ground of individuals. For this reason, the study of management also involves studying human psychology and behavior in addition to the workings and rules of society. Not only does the study of management provide interesting insights into human society, it will also equip students with practical skills for when they join a corporation after graduating from Sophia University.