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Features of the Graduate School of Economics


The Graduate School of Economics consists of two programs: The Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Economics and the Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Management. These two programs aims to establish a solid foundation of scholarship in economics and management within students to produce professionals with practical abilities, and insightful high-caliber researchers.

Students who complete the first portion of the program will be well-prepared to use specialized knowledge in research or consulting. Students who complete the second portion of the program will be prepared to make contributions to education and research in respective institutions.

Developing practical abilities through fine-tuned teaching in small class settings
By limiting the number of students per instructor, we focus on fine-tuned research and guidance that is tailored to the actual interests of our students. Our goal is to develop professionals with practical skills in economics and management, as well as insightful, high-caliber researchers.
Balancing theory and practical knowledge while being exposed to real-world business and economy in central Tokyo
The campus hosting the Sophia University Graduate School of Economics is located in the heart of Tokyo. Tokyo itself is the center of Japanese politics and economy. With easy access to key areas such as Kasumigaseki and Marunouchi, the geographical setting provides exposure to the latest business and economic trends, allowing students to look at both abstract theory and the practical application to real-world issues.
Option to graduate early and obtain a master’s degree in one year
Outstanding students who wish to accelerate their progress have the option to complete the first portion of the doctoral program and earn a master’s degree in one year. This option allows students to apply the knowledge they have acquired to the real world and start contributing to the society much sooner.