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Master’s Program in Economics Alumnus

Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.
Naotaka Eguchi
March 2011
Earned a degree at the Sophia University Graduate School of Economics
What was the most memorable experience you had in the courses and research during graduate school?
What I remember most is the coursework from the required courses. They gave me the fundamental knowledge on micro, macro, and econometrics, which becomes essential when it comes to research. What I learned from these courses were also extremely useful for writing my master’s thesis, where I did research using individual data to estimate parameters relating to prudence of household budgets.
How do you leverage what you learned in graduate school in your current work?
So far, I was able to make use of my studies and experiences as a graduate student when I was involved in work related to pricing financial products, especially derivatives, using financial engineering. In fields like this, familiarity with numerical calculation and technical knowledge is a significant advantage. Additionally, when building systems to comply with international financial regulations, the fact that I had read through papers that addressed such topics helped my understanding of document,ents and working papers on Basel Committee on Banking Supervising (BCBS).
Message to current students
In general, I think you will find relatively few situations in which you can apply knowledge from graduate school directly to your real-world job. I advise you to assume that high-affinity cases like mine is a rare case. However, I do believe that there are commonalities between the way you approach work and the way you approach research, and the processes involved in researching topics you don’t know and compiling your own notes will serve you well in any setting. In addition to acquiring specialized knowledge, I think building the ability to take on these unglamorous tasks with steady consistency will turn out to be valuable in the long run.