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Features of Sophia University’s Faculty of Economics

  • Located Conveniently in Central Tokyo
    Sophia University is located 3 minutes away from Yotsuya Station. The area surrounding the school is student friendly, yet also full of businesses, corporations, and politics. This central location is convenient for when students begin job hunting as there are many major companies situated close by. There are a wide variety of major companies along with the Japan Business Federation that host career fairs and seminars at Sophia University, allowing students to learn more about companies and make connections.
    Global Courses Taught in English
    Starting with the Economics in English Program, Sophia University offers a wide variety of courses taught in English to students specializing in Economics and Management within the Faculty of Economics. This allows students to interact with knowledge and information from around the globe and develop an international perspective while studying in Japan. None of the courses in the Department of Economics requires enrollment for over a full year, which gives students the opportunity to take part in study abroad and exchange student programs.
  • A Rich Selection of Courses Available
    One of Sophia University’s primary characteristics is the relatively small student body. We offer a variety of courses that are all taught in small class sizes. These class sizes provide students with ample opportunity to establish a better connection with both their professor and peers, all the while being able to learn in a comfortable and intimate atmosphere.
  • Highly Flexible and Customizable Curriculum
    At Sophia University, students spend all 4 years at the same campus, with the exception of study abroad and exchange student program participants. This is significantly different from other major universities that may require students to move from campus to campus depending on what year the student is in. Without locational limitations, students are able to design their own 4 year course plan based on individual needs and schedules. This allows students to adjust for a lighter course load during periods such as job hunting, examination for civil servants, or CPA certifications.
  • Early Graduation
    Select students who demonstrate stellar academic achievements and meet certain criteria may take advantage of the early graduation option and earn a degree within 3 years. This undergraduate early graduation can be combined with an early graduation for the graduate school program, meaning it is possible for students to obtain a undergraduate and master’s degree in a total of 4 years.