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The Academics and Advantages of the Department of Economics

  • We live in a world of constant change. A primary driver of change is globalization, which is a term we hear on a daily basis. Amid changes, we face various challenges tied to economics such as financial and fiscal issues, the state of international trade and economic development, urban issues, medical and labor policies, wealth gap, environmental issues, and more. In each of these issues, the interests of economic actors, including individuals, corporations, and nations intertwine or clash in a complex manner.
  • Studying Economics
    In a modern era with such complex issues, how can we best construct a society to ensure the happiness of as many people as possible? Economics tackles this question of how to create a better society with the limited resources available, which include people (labor), things, and money. To reach an answer, the mechanisms behind such complex issues must be studied and understood at a base level, and appropriate systems and policies must be implemented to resolve the problems. On top of this, solutions must be backed with convincing explanations to win over and satisfy the audience. The study of economics examines various economic issues by unraveling and proposing a solution in a ‘scientific’ manner, all the while address philosophical and ethical questions regarding the happiness and well being of individuals and society. It is an exciting field of study that stimulates intellectual curiosity.
  • The Appeal and Advantage of Studying Economics
    The study of economics begins with the core foundation of microeconomics and macroeconomics, and from there it branches out into various fields of study such as developmental economics, international trade theory, environmental economics, welfare economics, and more. Theoretical models make use of mathematics and analytical methods based on actual data serve to develop logical thought processes and the ability to analyze the core of the issue. Developing a value criteria of what would be an ideal and desirable society is also essential for future leaders. Our aim is for students in the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Economics graduate with wisdom and knowledge to become an admirable member of society. At Sophia University’s Department of Economics, students may enroll in the Economics in English Program, and attend English taught economics courses. Upon completion of the program, students will have obtained valuable experience that we hope will serve them well in everything from study abroad, seeking employment, and launching a global career post-graduation.