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Master’s Program in Economics Curriculum

Building Solid Fundamentals Through Coursework

・The topics of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, all of which constitute the foundation of the study of economics, will be covered thoroughly in required courses for first-year students.
・Students will then take courses in applied economics based on their individual research topics to acquire high-level specialized knowledge.

Dialog-based Thesis Seminars

・Thesis seminars featuring dialog-based guidance in small groups are offered as required courses to assist in the completion of a master’s thesis based on up-to-date research trends.
・The seminars will present cutting-edge knowledge in high-level analytical methods and data, and also focus on developing presentation skills through seminar reports.

Guidance From Multiple Faculty Instructors

Multifaceted guidance from multiple specialized staff members will be available to support the master’s thesis writing process. This will help to broaden the analytical perspectives and methods in approaching the research topic.

Research Fields of Graduate Program Instructors

Ken Aoki Industrial Organization, Industrial Organization of HealthCare Markets
Takahisa Dejima Labor Economics: Applied Econometric Analysis of the Japanese Wage Structure, Employment System, and Fertility Rate
HIGUCHI Yuki Development Economics, Applied Econometrics
Tetsuya Horie Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Ecological Economics, Agricultural Economics
Kohei Kamaga Social Choice Theory, Welfare Economics, Public Economics
Satoshi Kawanishi Business applications of game theory and behavioral economics
Hiroki Kondo Public economics and finance; New economic geography; Macroeconomics
Masamitsu Kurata Stochastic optimization, optimal stopping, decision making under uncertainty
Aiko Kurushima Stochastic optimization, optimal stopping, decision making under uncertainty
Naoaki Minamihashi Financial Intermediation, Industrial Organization, Japanese Economy
Akira Nagae
Sayaka Nakamura Health Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Industrial Organization
Toru Nakazato Macroeconomics
John Joseph Puthenkalam Economic Growth and Sustainable Development of Asia and Developing Countries
SCHLEGL Matthias Macroeconomics, International Finance, Monetary Economics
Masaki Takahashi
Asuka Takeuchi Econometrics, Senior Consumption Index, Women’s Employment
Morihiro Yomogida International Economics, Theory of International Trade
Yosuke Hashidate