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Master’s Program in Management Curriculum

A Balanced Curriculum

The curriculum covers a wide range from fundamental theory and analytical methods (such as statistics and social research techniques) to analysis of real-world phenomena of business management, and features a balance between fundamentals and applications.

Class Conducted in Various Styles

Classes are conducted in various styles, including traditional readings, case-study discussions based on real-world cases, and data analysis practices. The courses are designed to develop skills in pursuance, analysis, real-life application, and communication.

Guidance From Multiple Faculty Instructors

Multifaceted guidance from multiple specialized staff members will be available to support the master’s thesis writing process. This will help to broaden the analytical perspectives and methods in approaching the research topic.

Research Fields of Graduate Program Instructors

Hisanaga Amikura Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantages through Organizational Capabilities Development
Noriko Arai Fan-based Marketing
Nobuko Hosogaya Global talent management of Japanese multinationals, Career development of female expatriates
Masahiro Ishii Asset pricing and Risk Management
Adam Johns Brand authenticity and place branding
Agata Kapturkiewicz Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Organization Theory, Comparative Research
Yuta Morinaga Business administration, organizational theory, organizational behavior, and human resource management
Mariko Nakawaga Strategic Management, Competitive Advantage, Organisational Learning, Innovation, Creativity, Exploration, Exploitation, Microfoundations
Shigeru Nishizawa Financial Reporting Analysis and International Taxation of Global Companies
Yoko Sugitani Consumer psychology and brand management
Hideyuki Takenouchi Foreign Direct Investment of Japanese Firms and Interfirm Relationships
Atsuko Takinishi International accounting, The relationship between the nature of accounting standards, capital markets and the social environments
Taku Togawa Marketing strategy and consumer behavior
Toshiaki Wakabayashi Governmental and nonprofit accounting, and Accounting for performance evaluation
Kohei Otake  
Junko Jinushi