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Sophia Discussion Paper Series(外国語)

Sophia Discussion Paper Series
No. 著者 タイトル 発行年月
21-1 Mingchao Sun Impacts of co-ethnic networks and socioeconomic factors on immigrants’ residence choice in Tokyo: A dynamic spatial panel analysis March 2022
17-1 Shoko Suzuki Structural Changes in the Patterns of Japanese Fertility January 2018
16-1 Masaki Hamano On Quality and Variety Bias in Aggregate Prices April 2015
12-2 Kozo Yamada,
Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Performance: A Longitudinal Analysis of Small Technology-Based Firms in Japan July 2012
10-2 Hideyuki
Yasuhiro Saito
Interdependent Behavior in Foreign Direct Investment : Jap-anese Auto-Parts Manufactures’ entry into China March 2011
10-1 Hideyuki
Keiichi Kubota,
Susumu Saito,
Corporate Financing, Taxation, and Tobin’s q: Evidence from Japanese Firms and Industries November 2010
07-7 Kozo Yamada,
Sam Kurokawa,
Yoahihiro Eshima
Causality Identification between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Corporate Performance :Use of two-period data from small private firms in Japan February 2008
07-4 Toshiaki Hirai International Design and the British Empire September 2007
07-3 Toshiaki Hirai Social Philosophy in Inter-war Cambridge September 2007
07-2 Takahiro Ueyama Instrumentation of Radiation Therapy and the Formation of Stanford University Medical Center,1952-1970 May 2007
03-3 Kozo Yamada,
Yoahihiro Eshima,
Sam Kurokawa
Determinants of Strategy and Performance in Small Technology-based Private Firms in Japan:Their Governance Structure, Core Capabilities, Organizational Culture and Environment July 2003
03-1 Satoshi Kawanishi The Diversity of Information Strategies in Security Markets May 2003
00-1 Takaaki Takahashi Spatial Competition between Governments in the Provision of Excludable Goods with Nonrivalry April 2000
96-4 Fukuju Yamazaki Tenure Choice and Tenant Security Law March 1997
96-2 Yosuke Takeda Endogenous Money Supply Reconsidered-A Case of the Bank of Japan- November 1996
94-8 Fukuju Yamazaki,Takako Ide An Estimation of the Lock-in Effect of Capital Gains Taxation December 1994
94-7 Hideo Kanemitsu,Hiroshi Ohnishi,Yoko Waki Trade, Technology Transfer and the Environment:An Interregional Econometric Analysis of Asian Timber Trade December 1994