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Sophia University’s Study Abroad Programs

Sophia University’s Study Abroad Programs
  At Sophia University, we aim to equip individuals with the ability to excel on the global level by offering international education designed to instill professional knowledge into students, and the ability to harness and efficiently utilize their broad knowledge base. Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to obtain multifaceted perspectives, flexible thinking, and the ability to adapt, which are all essential skills for global leaders. We encourage students to take advantage of the diverse options offered at Sophia University to design a study abroad program that nest suits the needs of each individual student and their goals.

A vast selection of study abroad programs are available, with 403 student exchanges and academic exchange partner schools in 83 countries and regions. (This data is as of February 1, 2024)

Sophia’s study abroad programs can be grouped into two major categories: Exchange Programs and General Study Abroad Programs. In the Exchange Program, students study at Sophia’s partner schools overseas as exchange students. On the other hand, the General Study Abroad Program allows students to select any school regardless of whether the school has a partnership agreement with Sophia. While the two programs differ in administrative process and cost, students selecting either program will be able to graduate from Sophia in four years. Other options include participating in Short-term Language Programs, Short-term Study Abroad Programs, or Social Engagement Programs during long breaks, or taking a leave of absence to study abroad. Sophia also offers programs unique to the university, such as the Sophia AIMS (SAIMS) program where students may study in English for one semester at one of the seven universities in the four countries of Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, or the Sophia-Nanzan Latin America Program (LAP) that involves thirteen universities in six Latin American countries.
Study Abroad Statistics
At least 1,000 students study abroad each year.
Exchange Programs
Short-term Language Programs
Short-term Study Abroad Programs
Social Engagement Programs
Overseas Internships
A Established Support System
  The Department of Economics has started to offer Study Abroad counseling by specialized study abroad counselors as of 2015. Over 1,000 students have taken advantage of this and received counseling. Our established support system includes scholarship programs, employment support, crisis management, and for select locations, mentorship programs by local alumni.